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Birding in Malaysia

(c) Photo by Forest Ang

Birds are a joy to watch. Life on earth will be empty without the melodies of birds. They entertain us, they trill us, they provide an added color to our world and most of all, they are the indicator of our environment.

Here, I will showcase all the birds that I had photographed. They were photographed through my almost 20 years of birding.

How I begin

I was attracted to birding after observing a Green billed makohal hopping from a branch to another at Bukit Mertajam's Tukun hill. I thought it was a squirrel. But then on second look, I noticed that it was a bird. I was entrenched in observing its behaviour. How it hopped from branch to branch feeding on insects and caterpillars.

And from that day, I began my journey of no return. A journey of bird watching. I joined MNS and was glad to know Kanda Kumar who was a diehard birder.

Welcome to my birding photographs.

Forest Ang


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